A Guide To Towing Your RV

A Guide To Towing Your RV

Recreational vehicles (RVs) hit the road everywhere. With the various shapes and sizes they come in — from travel trailers to tent trailers and teardrops — it’s not uncommon to come across them on weekend drives. If you are
interested in purchasing an RV to tow for outdoor family adventures,All Stars RVis here for you. Continue reading to learn more about how to tow an RV, and
explore our inventorytoday!

Know The Basics

Towing a travel trailer consists of three components: the RV, the vehicle, and the hitch that links the two. Your vehicle’s towing capacity will vary depending on the weight of the trailer, your choice of hitch, and any
other accessories you are using. Be sure to synchronize all three of your components so you avoid any towing troubles.

Vehicle Capacity

Before you drop your trailer tongue on the hitch ball, be sure your vehicle is equipped to pull the trailer up mountains and through rough terrain. Research your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications to find the necessary
information about how much weight you can tow.

Weight-Related Factors

When shopping for an RV trailer, pay attention to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) which is the trailer’s maximum weight when it is loaded with all the necessary camping accommodations such as supplies, cargo, fuel,
and water. This is the number you should keep the closest eye on because it gives you the best idea of whether your vehicle will be able to tow it.

Hitch Types

In the same way that not every vehicle is equipped for towing, vehicles that are equipped do not all have the same hitch. Two hitches are used for trailers with towing receiver-type hitches. First, weight-carrying hitches
attach the trailer to the hitch ball. The other hitch you may come across is called “weight distributing” because it distributes the load of the trailer’s tongue weight, rather than carrying all of it on the hitch assembly.

With all of this in mind, check out your vehicle and theAll Stars RV shopin Littleton to see what fits your ride.Contact usto learn more about how we can set you up for