Thanks for servicing my RV today. It is nice to know I can take my coach to
a place I can trust to do a good job at a fair price. I will spread the

Rex Gooch

Dear Allen and Associates,

This thank you note is very late and I do apologize but Bob and I want you all to know how much we appreciate all you did to make our State Rally in Breckenridge a huge success.  The food and wine were real treats and you and your staff serving us was quite a treat (especially for us girls).  You really went the extra mile (literally) to show your appreciation for the business our Klub sends your way and there was nothing but kind words said about you and your company after you left.  Thanks again to Rob and you and your helpers and please know that we don’t take your generosity for granted.  We always try to send any business we can your way.  Thanks again!


Bob and Donna Luckner
Colorado State Directors
Newmar Kountry Klub

Doug Beaudry
Doug Rutherford
Russ Phillips
Country Coach, Inc.
P.O. Box 400
Junction City, OR 97448


I suspect you often hear when customers are not happy with their service. I wonder how often you hear when they are very impressed.

On Mon. 9/17 I stopped my 2003 Country Coach Allure in Frisco, CO on my way home to Edwards, CO.  I went to open the slides and there was no response from my living room or bedroom slide.  I read the manual and released the pressure in the solenoids as described by HWH to no avail.
I drove the short distance to Copper Mountain, CO where I noted the ride was getting rough.

I called HWH and they did not have a technician who could speak with me.  I called Country Coach and got Russ Phillips.  He patiently walked me through the process of checking the various power supplies and fuses.  By now my living room slide was 3 in. out and I had no way to get it in.  It took Russ almost an hour to go through the whole system and eventually get the slide to retract by having me touch hydraulic motor posts, grounds, solenoids, and I’m not sure what else. He eventually determined that fuse #68 was consistently failing because of a fault in a circuit board and that I would not be able to correct this. He informed me that the slide mechanism and the coach air suspension system shared that common fuse.  Russ told me how to manually lift the coach so I could drive it and recommended I take it to AllstarsRV in Louviers, CO.

At 4:45 I called Allstars and spoke with Rob Swan.  He gave me directions and said they would see my coach first thing in the morning.  Allstars was more than 100 mi. from Copper Mountain.  The ride was less than smooth.  I arrived around 8 that night. 

The following morning, just as promised they took my coach directly into their service bay.  After I related to Eric, my technician, all that Russ had me do was check a few circuits and agreed it was the circuit board and located it under the dash.  He was able to remove the circuit board.  I was prepared to give up, leave the coach, and wait while the rather expensive board was ordered from HWH and then installed.

“Let me trouble shoot this board.” Eric suggested.
“It is a printed circuit board.” I replied suspiciously.
“I’ve done this before.” He said politely.
I was skeptical.

After a few minutes of circuit testing he decided that a small diode had failed.  I did not believe that the little diode he pointed to could cause that much trouble. He sent his assistant to Radio Shack to find a similar diode.  While doubting the likelihood of the fix I had nothing to lose.  When the new diode arrived its wire was larger than the original.  When Eric pulled out his drill I was convinced my circuit board was about to meet it’s demise.

Eric replaced the circuit board, connected the plugs and, of course, it did not work.  He was not to be deterred.  He read the wiring diagram from HWH again.  He inspected the plug and decided that the plug was not wired properly. He placed one of the wires in a different hole.
He pushed the travel button on the control panel and the front and rear rose to the proper level.  The travel light stayed green on the panel.   The slides also worked perfectly and no further fuses were blown.  It was the end of the day, but I had my functioning coach back.

Over the subsequent 250 mi. and 10 days the coach has never ridden so well.
The slides continue to work perfectly.

Rarely, do you have two unusually positive experiences in 2 days.  Russ Phillips at Country Coach was invaluable.  I learned a great deal about my coach during that hour.  And, equally importantly, he sent me to the right place to have it fixed.

Eric at AllstarsRV was, by far, the most competent RV service man I have ever encountered in a decade of RVing.  I do not believe I impress easily. However, I take delight in meeting someone that is superior in his field.  Eric is one of these men.  Alllstars is lucky to have him.

In the future I shall drive the 100+ miles to Louviers, CO if I need significant RV service.

Thanks to both Country Coach and Allstars for keeping me on the road.


Phil Freedman, MD

Medical Director St. Anthony’s
Copper Mountain Clinic

Clinical Professor 
Department of Family Medicine
University of Colorado.

Country Coach Allure 30938.

Subject: Hello from the Stephen Juntunen’s

Hi, Allen, and a very Happy 2007 to you and all of our new friends at All Stars RV. 

The remainder of our 2006 went very well, after getting our rig well-fixed by Chuck and the guys.  Thank you all once again for your good work and hospitality.

Since leaving Colorado, we enjoyed time: in the Black Hills of SD; with family in Mitchell, SD and Duluth (Lake Superior), MN; on Door Peninsula in Lake Michigan;  in Ontario, Ottawa and Quebec, Canada;  in Bar Harbor and Bangor, Maine;  in Gloucester, Rockport and Salem, Massachusetts;  visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania;  in Atlanta;  and, currently, in Tampa, FL.  We couldn’t have done it, had you not gotten us back on the road in tip-top condition.

Best Wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 

Steve Juntunen, Lynette Rauscher and the 3 goofy cats in the Newmar Mountain Aire with the Honda Element toad